What is Denny’s America?


This web site and blog are intended to reflect upon and engage in civilized discussion surrounding all things American, particularly as it applies to the founding of our nation and the incredible perils that arose to nearly prevent it, and subsequently undermine and eventually nearly nullify it.

What we learn in school, as children, about the history of the United States of America, is woefully inadequate to prepare us as adults to fully appreciate the beauty and the bounty of our country, to understand its’ innate value to our citizens and those of other lands, and foster a deep sense of patriotism and love of country that is crucial to the survival of this incredible nation

On these pages, I hope to persuade you to much more deeply involve yourself in the wondrous stories of heroism, courage, determination, perseverance and yes, even luck that swirled around those early pioneers and the incredible men and women who gave birth to this beautiful experiment: The United States of America!